About John Wheeler

My professional career started in 1976 when my parents founded H20 Well Service which is where I worked after school or during the summer recess break. Later, after graduating from Lewis Clark State College, I spent 35 years contracting and as a manufacturer’s representative for domestic, municipal and agricultural filtration and water pumping and filtration equipment.

Then several years later, I made a career shift as I become a full – time real estate agent. the leap into real estate market. And since the change I enjoyed working in nearly every aspect of the trade as I have represented and sold resale home sales, new construction home sales, land, commercial, business enterprise sales, plus residential and commercial leases. Moreover, I have participated in a number of development projects where my well drilling history has been a real asset.

In my family life, I have an amazing wife, plus four adult children and five grandchildren. My church community is very important to me as I volunteer my time with family ministries and coaching. And in a word, I am passionate about my relationships with clients, customers, family and friends as people and relationships are for me what life is about.

BS in Business Management from Lewis Clark State College.
Water well drilling & pumping systems trade 35 years, sales & management
Real Estate Agent, 14 years experienced.
Listed and closed a sales real estate transaction in excess of $7,000,000
Land transactions up to 530 acres in size.
Negotiated right of ways with road departments and Utility Companies.
Residential real estate sales and new construction home sales.